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  • Donna’s infectious personality, her passionate heart for people to know the love of Jesus, and her heart for Him is nothing but contagious. I’ll never forget meeting her for the first time at a women’s retreat. Donna loved on the women with an authenticity that has stuck with me. She gave the Gospel with a passion and enthusiasm that reminded me of the power and treasure of Christ’s sacrifice and love for us. I would highly recommend Donna as a speaker, pastor’s wife and friend to your ministry.

    Kelly Minter Author and Bible Teacher 
  • Donna is an extraordinary communicator of God's word. She has an uncanny way of connecting with her audience by simply being her genuine, warm, relatable, engaging and fun self. Donna spoke for our women’s retreat, we asked her back to speak at our women’s Christmas event, and a year later, to preach for whole church on Mother’s Day. She is one of, if not my top, "go-to" speakers, for almost any group at all!

    Kathy Berggren Women's Pastor, Central Peninsula Church
  • Behind the scenes, Donna Jones is a joy to work with. On the platform, her ability to captivate and motivate an audience makes her a wonderful speaker for any setting. Donna is a Hearts at Home favorite speaker and I highly recommend her for any event in need of a speaker.

    Jill Savage Executive Director of Hearts at Home

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