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“I can’t think of another thing I’d rather do than be a tool in the hands of God to move people closer to Him!”

Donna is a deeply passionate Bible teacher—a self-proclaimed “Bible explainer” —because by design and desire, she helps listeners understand God’s Word so they can live God’s Word.

Donna brings a lifetime of Bible-knowledge, a well-spring of real-life wisdom, and a dose of wit to propel listeners forward in their journey with God. She’s been described as “a pro on stage, but with the warmth you’d expect from a friend.” She is practical, biblical, engaging, and real.

Donna says, “Whether I’m speaking to a room full of seekers and young believers, a room full of veterans of the faith, or a combination of both, I seek to equip, encourage, and inspire others to know God more, love God more, and follow God more. I want to know, love, and follow God more myself.”

Speaking Topics

I bring years of experience as a Bible teacher and speaker to the platform. The following topics are some of my most-requested messages, but if you don’t see a topic you need, just ask. I’ll likely have a message just for you!

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Forever Faithful

In a world that constantly changes, we need the anchor of our faithful God will not, and cannot, change. Using Donna’s signature style of combining Biblical truth, practical application, and personal stories, this message will:
  • Invigorate your spiritual confidence by seeing how God remains forever faithful
  • Help women fix their eyes on Jesus more than their circumstances
  • Understand how to walk faithfully and humbly with God, even in the face of fear and doubt.
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.

How to Lose a Friend in 10 Days (and How to Keep One Forever)

A recent study showed that one-third of women are more afraid of loneliness than of receiving a cancer diagnosis. Clearly, we need friends. But, for many women, genuine friendship seems elusive and complicated. It doesn’t have to be!
In this message, Donna will:
  • Unlock the secrets to becoming the kind of friend you want to have
  • Explore why there is no “one size fits all” friend and why that’s a good thing.
  • Learn how to correctly assess a friendship so you can walk in freedom and confidence
  • Overcome the barrier of loneliness to genuinely connect with other women.
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.

More Peace by Friday

Let’s face it; when we lack peace, we lack joy, and nothing is as it should be. God’s Word tells us to “let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts”, but sometimes this seems easier said than done. In this timely message, you’ll discover:
  • A surefire way to identify what actually steals your peace (Spoiler: it may be different than you think!)
  • How to move from being a peacekeeper to being a peacemaker
  • Practical ways to experience less chaos and more contentment
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.


Every person in the Bible who had a relationship with God encountered God. The same should be–and can be–true for believers in our day. In this popular conference series, Donna unearths lessons from people who encountered God in scripture. She’ll show you how you can encounter God more fully in everyday life, and find the deeper relationship with Jesus you long for.
You’ll learn:
  • How to (finally!) live free in the acceptance and forgiveness of Christ
  • How to recognize the voice of God
  • How to follow God’s leading in your life and use fear and failure as a catalyst for deeper faith
  • Why God’s goodness is real—even when you don’t feel like it.
  • Optional Seminar: How to read the Bible so it makes sense for everyday life
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.

How to Change Myself When I’d Really Rather Change My Circumstances

We all know the feeling of living tangled in knots due to an overloaded life, or overwhelming circumstances. We long for joy and peace; we need strength for daily life, but too often find ourselves circling the same old issues, wondering when–or how–things will ever change. In Donna’s uniquely practical, and thoroughly biblical style, she’ll enable you to:
  • Learn to think about what you think about, and shed negative thinking that stifles your soul
  • Find true significance in the right places
  • Change yourself, when you’d really rather change your circumstances
  • Find the freedom to love others like Jesus
  • Reclaim the peace you long for and the strength you need
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.


Do you want to overcome insecurity and soar in ways only God could ordain? Of course you do! What woman wouldn’t like to grow in confidence? Or find hope? Or gain wisdom? Using Isaiah 40, Donna will inspire and equip you to walk, run–and soar–in your relationship with God.  You’ll walk away:
  • Confident of God’s compassionate care
  • Equipped to find God’s best and walk in it
  • Inspired to keep going despite obstacles
  • Encouraged to soar above your circumstances
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat

The Abide Conference

In our world of social media, it’s all too easy to be connected yet live unconnected. With God. With other believers. With family. With friends. Using Jesus’ teaching in John 15, Donna will show you how to:
  • Live connected to God in real life (and why you might be making it harder than you should)
  • Cultivate a truly fruitful life
  • Keep little distractions from becoming big detractions
  • Make–and keep–meaningful connections with other women
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.


You’ve seen her. She may be twenty-five or forty-five or seventy-five, but something about her makes you wonder, what’s different about her? And then it dawns on you.
She radiates.
It’s not her circumstances. It’s not her intellect. It’s not her looks. It’s something deeper; she radiates from the inside out. You notice how her radiance affects those around her.
And something deep inside you wants to radiate, too.
These practical messages will empower you to:
  • Love people deeply, from the heart–even difficult ones
  • Embrace your calling and pursue your purpose
  • Live rightly in the midst of a culture that lives wrongly
  • Stand steady and stay strong when life doesn’t go as planned
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.

Growing Deep; Growing Strong

God wants our roots to go down deep into the soil of His love, because the deeper our roots, the stronger our faith. In this life-changing series Donna will help you:
  • Learn practical tools to help you go deeper with God
  • Identify thoughts, beliefs, and habits that may be hindering your spiritual growth.
  • Unlock the door to experience God’s love in a fresh, transforming way.
  • Walk away inspired, encouraged, and equipped to continue the growth.
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.

You Are Not a Paper Plate

If you’ve ever lived with your plate full, but your cup empty, this talk is for you!  Sadly, most women feel more like disposal paper plates than treasured fine china. Donna knows the feeling! This talk will:
  • Help you embrace your true identity in Christ
  • Encourage you to see yourself as God sees you
  • Embolden you to live a life worth passing on
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat Perfect for women’s teas or mother/daughter events

The Power of a Positive Woman

Every woman needs an attitude adjustment every once in a while. This inspiring, encouraging, and practical message pinpoints attitudes that can hinder you from being the woman God wants you to be – and the woman you want you to be!
This talk unlocks the secret to:
  • Identifying unhealthy attitudes you might not even know you have
  • Replacing depleting attitudes with life-giving ones
  • Experiencing personal and relational transformation with family members, co-workers, neighbors and friends
Can be presented as a keynote or expanded into a weekend retreat.

Choose Your Love; Love Your Choice

In this highly acclaimed message, Donna shares wisdom from over 25 years of marriage. Using real life stories and practical insight, you’ll walk away:
  • Understanding the five choices every happy wife makes
  • Inspired to love the man you chose
  • Equipped to not only survive, but thrive, through the daily ups and downs of marriage
30-60 minutes. Can also be expanded into a marriage retreat with Donna and JP.

Taming Your Family Zoo

Do you ever feel like your home is a zoo and your children are little monkeys? As co-founder and owner of Confidence & Courtesies, an etiquette course for kids, Donna has taught thousands of children how to live with confidence and courtesy – and she can teach you to tame your family zoo, too.
Donna will:
  • Reveal the two absolutely, positively, essential components for raising happy, healthy, well-adjusted children
  • Uncover the secret to frustration-free parenting
  • Help you identify the most common parenting mistakes that even good parents make
  • Encourage, empower, and equip you to parent with the end game in mind
30-60 minutes

Mommy Communication 101: How to Talk and Listen to Your Child so Your Child (or Teen) will Talk and Listen to You

Every mom longs for great communication with her child, but sometimes it’s not so easy. It can be difficult to communicate with a toddler who won’t listen, a preteen who hesitates to open up, or an adolescent who’s too busy to let you into his or her inner world. With humor and insight, Donna explores:
  • The five primary messages every loving parent must communicate
  • Winning strategies for handling communication conflict
  • Sure-fire ways to get your child to talk and listen
30-60 minutes

What’s Under Your Tree? (Holiday Message)

Joyous seasons of the year are often filled with stress, disappointment, and unfulfilled expectations. Donna reveals many of our unspoken expectations about the holidays and offers solutions for making holiday seasons filled with peace, love, and joy. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, but most of all, you’ll be inspired to make this holiday season different. This is the perfect message for believers and seekers alike.
30-60 minutes

What You Can Expect from Donna

As a pastor’s wife and ministry leader, I get you. When I’m not speaking at an event, I’m on your side–planning an event. I understand the importance of helping you reach your unique objectives. I know you want to create an event you and your audience will be glad they attended–and one where they will feel confident bringing guests. I know you want God to show up, and do what only He can do.

With these things in mind, I am here to serve you and your audience.

Here’s what you can expect from me, and my team:

  1. Prompt replies to emails and phone calls.
  2. Full engagement with event planners and attendees during the course of the event. I know the best ministry often happens off the stage, as well as on it. I’m available to talk, pray, and yes, even play, with your group.
  3. Professionally delivered talks tailored to best meet your objectives, and the needs of your audience.
  4. An announcement about your event on my website and/or social media channels (per your permission).

Donna Jones Bio

If you know me, you know I’m simply a regular gal who needs her morning coffee, sometimes struggles to figure out what to make for dinner, and always loves to laugh. If I lived next door to you, we’d likely be friends. But if you need a more professional bio, here it is…

Donna Jones is a national speaker, church planter, pastor’s wife, and self-described “Bible-explainer” who has spoken in twenty-six states and on four continents, keynoting events ranging from 150 – 1500.  A graduate of UCLA with a degree in interpersonal communications, she hosts the weekly That’s Just What I Needed podcast, is the author of Healthy Conflict, Peaceful Life, Seek: A Woman’s Guide to Meeting God, Taming Your Family Zoo, the Get Healthy Bible study series, and is a contributing author to the devotionals A Moment to Breathe and Arise, Daily. A contributor to, she has had several articles make the “Top Ten of the Year” list and has been on numerous television and radio shows and podcasts, including Focus on the Family Broadcast and Good Day, Dallas. Donna is passionate about equipping others to know, love, and follow God in their real, everyday lives. She wants to know, love, and follow God this way herself. She and her husband, JP Jones, planted Crossline Church in Laguna Hills, CA and have three adult children.

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