Taming Your Family Zoo


Do you ever feel like your children act like monkeys and your home is a zoo?

Of course you do!

But if you’re like me, you want more for your family than surviving through eighteen years of chaos. You want to encourage your child to be the best he or she can be. You want helpful information you can implement in real life. You want to raise a child who loves God and others. This book was written with you in mind.

Studies show that kids who are well-mannered are more confident, more successful and have better relationships. But how and where do you begin? Taming Your Family Zoo: Six Weeks to Raising a Well-Mannered Child is a practical book that offers attainable, age-appropriate tips for raising a well-mannered child. You will find real-life stories, insight and (hopefully!) loads of wisdom. My hope is that you will find encouragement in these pages.

Taming Your Family Zoo was written for every parent who wants to visit the zoo – not live in it!

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