Raising Kids with Good Manners


by: Donna Jones

Yes! Your child is just weeks away from good manners!

Think it’s an impossible dream? Think again. Whether you’re training your two-year-old to say “please” or talking with your teenager about how to treat others, you can have a well-mannered child in six weeks or less.

Whether they’re simply forgetful, prone to tantrums, or purposefully rude, kids need guidance and patience when it comes to instilling manners. But once good manners take hold, your child is poised for a more successful and fulfilling life. This practical book offers you proven, step-by-step techniques for teaching manners to any child of any age. Etiquette coach Donna Jones shows you how to encourage in your children a true concern for others that makes good manners their natural response to any situation.

Your kids will thank you for it. Eventually.