A Reminder that Might Just Change Your Day (and your life)

It’s so easy for me to believe God loves you.

It’s hard to believe–really believe–down deep, where it counts, that God loves me.

After decades of walking with God I still haven’t figured out why this truth is so difficult to wrap my brain around.  All I know is that my experience isn’t uncommon.

On Valentine’s Day I received an unlikely message from an unlikely source that caused me to sit up and take notice. To remember that God loves. Me. It came in the form of a simple text message from a radio host and event planner who’s booked me to speak for her event. I’ve never even met her face to face.

Her text ended simply with these words:

Jesus is crazy about you!

Later that day I opened an email from a ministry and found the following video.  Seems God had a message for me.  I couldn’t shake the feeling God has a message for you, too.  Because, maybe–just maybe–you, like me, find it easy to believe God loves other people but struggle to grasp the depth and reality of His love for you. Yes, you.

God’s love for us is kind of a big deal to understand. It’s even more vital to believe.

Watch the short video (it’s only a couple of minutes) and as you move through your day remember these words:

Jesus is crazy about you!


  1. Pam Apffel

    I love this. Donna, thanks for the reminder … it’s so much easier to believe God loves others, but so often hard to believe He loves ME. So important to trust His word and His work on the cross!

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