Are You Coming or Going?

“Come here”.

Depending on how it’s said, these two words can strike dread or relief in the heart of the hearer.

We can probably all recall a parent, teacher or coach barking a command to “come here”. That kind of “come here” was never a good sign. It meant possible punishment, and minimally, a lengthy lecture.


But maybe we also have memories of a parent, family member or friend beckoning us to “come here” with outstretched arms poised for a big hug. Hearing “come here” in that context meant comfort, acceptance and love.

Being told to “come here” can be a good thing or bad thing, depending on why it’s said.

Did you know that Jesus told us to “come here”?

The sad thing is, too many people think God’s summons to “come here” means they’re about to receive a heavenly spanking.  To them, the invitation seems about as appealing as getting a colonoscopy.  Maybe you’re one of those people who paint God’s request for you to “come” with a negative brush.  Maybe you tend to view God as never quite satisfied with you, always on the watch for one wrong word, deed or thought.  And so, understandably, you remain distant from God.

But what if Christ’s invitation to “come here” is meant to heal you? What if it’s meant to give you relief?  Wisdom?  Insight and Direction?  What if it’s meant to save you from heartache? From confusion? From sin? What if His request for you to “come” is meant for your good?

My one word focus for 2013 is “Come”.  It might seem like a weird word to choose unless you understand its context:

Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you rest.” (Matthew 11:28)

I’m a “go-er” by nature.  I can go-go-go with the best of them. But sometimes being a go-er and doer can leave me weary.  It can make me feel burdened or stressed. When I feel tired, overwhelmed and burdened I know one thing is true—I need to focus more on “coming” than on “going”.

Maybe, just maybe, you do, too.

So perhaps you, like me, need to accept Christ’s open arm invitation.

“Come here”.



  1. Ojenik

    So true, Donna!:-) Thanks for the reminder to not be such a doer all the time. It’s amazing how many times he reminds me that no matter how much I do, HE is the one in control and that there is a sense of great relief in just letting go and coming to Him. I love the verse too that says, “be still and know that I am God.” Thanks for the encouragement! Have a really blessed day!!!:-)

  2. Julie

    Loved hearing you at MOPS at Crossline Church! Thanks for the blog email. I really need to hear stuff like this. I’m a mom of 4 including 3 yr old twins and I’m always “going and doing”. It never ends. I need to remember to stop everyday, just for bit….

  3. Arla

    Love this Donna! And it is oh so true!! Love your one-word focus of “Come”! Why do we often wait so long to come and be in Christ’s presence when He alone gives us such comfort, joy and peace? Isn’t it often because we are intent on “doing” a little more first or “going” a little farther first? We are a bit prideful in our own selves I think?
    Love you Donna! Missed you in Bible Study today!

  4. Sandra Olson

    Donna love your one word focus “come”. It made me smile as I thought about how the Lord had recently given me a word picture after talking with a friend about prayer. As soon as I got off the phone a picture came to my mind of the Lord and how we perceive his stance as we come to him. Do we see him with outstretched arms welcoming us, or do we see him with his arms folded signifying he is displeased or disappointed with us and is going to scold us. How we perceive him does so effect whether we run to him or hesitate coming to him. Thanks so much for teaching and sharing with us. You are such a gifted communicator.

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