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Book Give Away Day! Hoodwinked by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk

By November 10, 201531 Comments

Defining motherhood. More on Hoodwinked at

Our dryer broke, my husband is in Haiti, and the guy who delivered a new piece of furniture damaged our stairs and is giving me the run around about repairs. According to the owner, he gave me such a deal I should happily pay for the repairs myself. Seriously?

Given my last blog about complaining (which, to clarify, I promise I am not doing. I’m simply sharing the details of the last few days. Smile.) I could use a dose of practical help and a little good news.

So here it is: This week I’m giving away Hoodwinked,  the brand new book by my friend, New York Times Best Selling Author, Karen Ehman. To enter, simply leave a comment below. One lucky winner will be chosen at random.

Whether your kids are young or old you’re going to love this!

And, oh yeah, Candace Cameron Bure (remember her from Full House??) is leading a free online study through Hoodwinked, so this week brings lots of great surprises!

Take it away, Karen…..

The Great Wall of Motherhood

Maybe I could fake being sick. Or pretend I twisted my ankle. I just have to think of something that will get me out of this!

I was a mess, my heart beating so wildly. It was my freshman year of college, and I stood staring at it—a legend I’d heard about since my very first visit to campus. “It” was made of wood and nails. It stood tall and plain in the mid-Michigan countryside, yet it taunted and intimidated me until I surely thought I’d faint.

They called it simply, “The Wall.”

The legend was also a tradition, one that every single freshman who arrived on campus each autumn must take part in. Every new student must scale the ten-foot beast, assisted only by the members of their twelve-member freshman “core group.”

One by one, each group stood to face The Wall, trying to figure out how to get all the members of their team up and over the wall. On the backside of the wall was a platform, about a quarter of the way down from the top. Once a person was over the top of the wall, they could lower themselves gently and stand solidly on the platform. There they then could reach back over the wall and assist their classmates who had yet to experience the thrill of conquering this wooden monster.

Getting the first person over was the hardest, since there was no one already on the other side—and planted on the platform—to help to pull them up and over the top. Usually teams chose the tallest, thinnest, and most athletic guy to go first. Others hoisted him up on their shoulders, and then he tried with all his might to pull himself up and topple over to the other side.

Our first teammate made it over in exactly that way. Then, one after another, more freshmen were lifted, hoisted, pushed, or pulled until they made it safely to the other side. I did my part to help others over, but I dreaded taking my turn. I tried to speak positively to myself, “Come on, Karen. You can do this. Focus. Jump high and grab on tight.”

When my turn came, I backed up a few feet, took a couple running steps toward the wall, and then leapt upwards toward the top with all of my might, praying all the while someone’s strong arm would catch me.

After a brief moment of panic—when I thought I’d slide back down the wall in shame—I felt the hand of a teammate grab hold of mine and grip it tightly. With all the might I could muster, I simultaneously tried lifting myself up with my arms while swinging my right foot up as high as I could so a teammate standing on the platform on the other side could grab it. After about three tries, I was finally successful. My teammates then hoisted me up to the top of the wall, and I gingerly set my feet down on the other side. Sweet relief.

Once I was safely over, we worked together to get the other few members of our team up and over. Our core group had done it! We had scaled The Wall.

Just three-and-a-half short years after I was married, I found out I was expecting our first child. I was excited to be carrying a new life, although I also felt fear as I stared at the massive wall of motherhood that I would now have to scale, mostly because I thought all the weight was upon my shoulders to be my child’s everything.

Caretaker. Provider. Cook. Teacher. Nurse. Social director. Counselor. Coach. And probably something else I hadn’t even thought of yet. How in the world was I ever going to be able to do all that?

The Great Wall of Motherhood seems insurmountable because we moms have been hoodwinked—tricked into believing lies that keep us from not only enjoying motherhood, but forging friendships with other moms who might tackle the tasks of motherhood differently.

Myths such as “Mothering is natural, easy, and instinctive” cause moms to feel like failures if they have questions or apprehensions in raising their kids. Operating from the premise that “The way I mother is the right (and only) way” puts up fences between moms instead of building bridges of encouragement between them. Lies such as “I am my child’s choices” tempt moms to mistakenly believe that if their child makes a wrong choice then they, in turn, must be a bad mom.

Let’s determine today that we will reach out—and reach down—to help our fellow moms. Together we can scale the wall of motherhood as we seek to raise our children on our knees—as deep in prayer as we are in laundry, and homework, and life.

You can do it mom. God is with you. Love lavishly and mother well.

The Hoodwinked Book! More at and

Don’t forget to leave a comment below to enter to win a copy of Hoodwinked.

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More than a Bible teacher, Donna is a self-described Bible explainer. A colorful storyteller who combines Biblical truth with real-life anecdotes, her messages not only help listeners understand God’s Word, but most important, grasp how to live it out in real life.


  • Renee Pound says:

    Love the encouragement!

  • Mary says:

    Karen, I appreciate your words of insight and encouragement. Thank you.

  • Jenn says:

    This book would be amazing for any woman to read! Hope I win!

  • Sandy says:

    The title, Hoodwinked, sounds intriguing! A friend and I met for dinner last night. We both heard you at Loudonville Community Church last March. Both commented on the powerful words of the little blonde that God is using?

  • Jamie says:

    This book looks great I can’t wait to read it, thanks for the chance!

  • Joan Beason says:

    I wish this book had been around 30 years ago. Thank you for sharing this with us! As a grandmother I feel the responsibility for my Grandchildren too.

  • Elisa says:

    As a new mother of a one year old, I think this will be an enlightening read!

  • Kathy Durr says:

    This book seems as if it will bee just what the doctor ordered! Thank you for writing it ladies!

  • Kathy Durr says:

    Can’t wait to read! Thank you for writing it ladies!

  • Tracy Plucker says:

    Looks like another awsome Karen Ehman book. Can’t wait to read it!

  • Deborah says:

    Would love to win this for my daughter. She is super mom and doesn’t even know it.

  • Lisa Pacheco says:

    What comfort there is that we don’t have to be perfect and that those mothers who have gone before us are here to come alongside for that well needed encouragement. We need to surround ourselves with other women who understand and have a heart to share all that God has taught them through their parenting years.

  • Shelley Harden says:

    I love the reminder to not judge other’s parenting choices and styles. Let’s support one another, even if it’s not the same choices we would make for our family. We were each chosen by God to be the parent that our child needs.

  • Stephanie says:

    Can’t wait to read this book and start the study with Candace!

  • Jen F says:

    This looks like a fantastic book…fun and encouraging! Thanks for the introduction to it!

  • Monique says:

    There are days that I feel like saying to everyone, “NO”!! But then I think of Christ on the Cross and how He had the power to say, “No” but for me, for us, He relinquished that power and gave His life! He fulfilled the mission, His purpose. For this reason, I want to fulfill my mission, my purpose…not saying, “Yes” to everything or everyone, but doing my best to be my best! Looking forward to the read!!

  • Pam Rudkin says:

    Looking forward to reading it! Great words of encouragement!

  • Soo D says:

    Being a mommy is definitely much harder than I’d ever thought. Can’t wait to read more about how to depend on God instead of trying to do it on my own.

  • Soo D says:

    Would love to read this book and depend on God more with my life of a mom.

  • Jennie Roohk says:

    Sounds like a great book. So true about the Great Wall of Motherhood and all the myths we believe. Good to have encouragement and guidance in this season.

  • Danelle Wyckoff says:

    Thanks for sharing and for your encouraging words.

  • Tiffany says:

    I would like to win a copy of the book so 8 can become “un-hoodwinked”.

  • Clarice Dear says:

    I would like to inter in the book give away. I definitely would like some more guidance in being a single mother of two young boys 6 and 3 years old. It’s such an interesting time with them along with all thing that life throws at me.

  • Laurie Guy says:

    This book is a must read. Like my husband always says, “She works all the time, but she doesn’t get paid.”
    This book is going to help so many women.

  • Bonnie says:

    Thanks for your insight. I want to get a book study going for this. Thank you.

  • Lisa says:

    I sure wish I had a resource like this when my children were young. Being a Mom has been the greatest part of my life. I would love to read this book

  • Stacey says:

    You are helping so many moms out there with your insight and encouragement! Thank you!

  • susan says:

    wow, it is sure a great book !

  • Lilia says:

    What a blessing!

  • Shannon says:

    The next 24hours I will focus on being more vulnerable with my children and other moms. I will be thankful for our unique styles and God-given gifts. 🙂