Do It Afraid

Do you ever struggle with fear?

If you’re female,  I suppose that’s like asking if you’ve ever thought “does this outfit make me look fat?”  We ALL struggle with fear. Whether it’s fear of failure, fear of rejection, fear of something awful happening, or fear of the unknown, fear has the capacity to paralyze and/or demoralize every one of us, sometimes.

This morning I picked up a little pocket sized book I haven’t read in several years.  Re-reading it reminded me of why I kept it. The title says it all:  Do It Afraid.

When fear raises it’s ugly head, as it always does when we’re attempting to trust God, Satan pulls out one of this most effective weapons, fear. Fear that God won’t come through.  Fear that maybe we don’t have what it takes. Fear that God won’t soothe the wounds born out of a painful circumstance.  Fear that God won’t answer our prayer.  Fear that we won’t be able to handle difficulty.

In re-reading this morning, I stumbled onto a nugget of truth I underlined years ago, but was newly meaningful for me today. “There isn’t one thing wrong with you if you feel afraid.  When God said ‘fear not’, He didn’t mean don’t have the emotion of fear. ‘Fear not’ means don’t bend your knee to your emotions. Instead,do it afraid. ”

We are–I am–to step out in obedience in spite of my emotions.  I love what my friend, Lysa Terkuerst says, “Emotions are indicators, not dictators.”  Fear may indicate something going on deeper in our souls, but  when it becomes a dictator for our actions, we step right into Satan’s crafty trap, leaving us defeated and demoralized.

So here’s the take away (for me, anyway):

I am to trust God even when I can’t see the outcome.

I am to trust God even when I don’t feel adequate for the task.

I am to trust God even when something doesn’t make complete sense to me.

I am to trust God even when I’m scared out of my mind.

I am to trust God even when I’m fearful of disappointment.

Instead I will….

Believe in God’s goodness.

Rely upon God’s faithfulness

Depend upon God’s word.

Trust in God’s sovereignty.

And do it afraid!


  1. Thank you for posting this wisdom. I am young and still learning, but the longer I live, and watch other people live, the more I can choose the freedom that comes from walking by principle, not by emotion. Do it afraid – I wonder what women of God would accomplish for the Kingdom if we would really, deeply, fully live this freedom? I hope I find out…..

  2. Billie

    Thank you Donna! This is what I needed to hear right now. Miss you!

  3. Thanks, Donna. As you know, many men struggle with the same fears women struggle with, only we’re not always as quick to admit it. There are many things I’ve done afraid (like becoming the pastor of a church!), but done it knowing it was the right thing to do. I suppose that is an element of faith, too, wouldn’t you say?

    Thanks for sharing this on Facebook, or I wouldn’t have visited here. Blessings on your speaking and writing. Feel free to check out my latest musings. I’d be interested in your opinion.


  4. Thank you Donna, I have always benefited by all your teachings and I miss you very much. We are here in North Idaho for 7 years and live in mexico for 6 months. Now we are on our way to redwood christian camp where my mother went every year. we have been going for 16 yers now and it is another family for us. I believe Deno will be ther this year looking forward to seeing them. come on up if your schedule allows. Would love to see you Mary

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