Do You Need a Moment to Breathe? BOOK GIVEAWAY DAY!!!

Check all that apply:

  • I write a “To Do” list
  • Sometimes I have more things on my “To Do” list than I can realistically finish in a day
  • I often feel like I live in my car
  • I rarely have time to sit and relax (without feeling guilty)
  • I frequently feel overwhelmed

If you checked any of the above I’m pretty sure you are a) female and b) in need of some time to catch your breath to get through your day with a positive, Christ-like mindset.

Enter the new 365 day devotional book called, A Moment to Breathe.

I’m honored to be a contributing author to this gem, with seven devotions among the 365. You might be familiar with some of the other authors, too:  The whole (in)courage team, including Lisa-Jo Baker, Holley Gerth, Renee Swope, Denise Hughes and Jennifer Dukes Lee.

Reading this devotional is like sitting across from a dear friend–the kind of friend who “gets” you and your life; a friend who encourages you in ways you find hard to encourage yourself. You’ll find yourself thinking “Yes. Me, too”. You’ll find your heart softened by the truth of God’s word. You’ll find yourself breathing a little easier, and loving a little deeper.

In honor of the book launch, I’m giving away a free copy of A Moment to Breathe. All you need to do is leave a comment about why you’d like the book and share this post on social media.

So, if you ever struggle with finding more than two seconds for yourself, do yourself a favor and order A Moment to Breathe. For a free 10 day sample of the book, click here.


  1. Deborah

    OMG I feel like that every day. With full time work and full time wife, mother, grandmother, side craft business, I can’t ever find time to just sit and breathe. At times it feels so chaotic. I would love to read this book. I need this book. I have been looking for a new devotional book. Thanks for all you do. I’ve read some of your other books and I know this one will be just as great as the others. God Bless you for all you do for women.

  2. Angelique Goudeau

    I have been holding my breath most of my life,

  3. Lisa Clausen

    I really need this book because it will help settle me down after being on my feet working an 8 hr day at a restaurant. God bless you.

  4. Jen F

    The never-ending to-do list! That’s me! I do try and keep my lists realistic, but they keep me on track and help me to not forget important things. Would love a copy of this book…looks like a real treasure! Will share on FB.

  5. Wendy Bender

    I’d love this book! Between having three young kids, homeschooling, keeping up with my home and working as a nurse there is always a list and that feel of guilt when I rest or just do something for me.

  6. Laurie

    Someone once said to me, “just breathe.” I said “What? I don’t have time for that.” I just love the title of this book. Thank you for reminding me about this today.

  7. Juliana

    I feel overwhelmed most nights when I come home. After working 11 hours, I get home to my son and my dog and they both need me. I have to forget that I feel tired and start thinking about dinner, but, wait, I have also to take the dog for a walk… and do dishes, and so on. I wish I was 2 or 3, or 4.

    1. Gosh…I can totally relate to feeling like I could go back and be little again. 🙂 You aren’t alone!!! I’m praying for you, today.

  8. Mary Walling

    You are so inspiring! I loved your 2 Minute ideas for being positive in a negative world. I recently helped someone at a very busy gas station find the button to open her gas tank in a rental car. She was so thankful!

  9. Cheryl Harmon

    You’re so inspiring!! I loved your message today. Thank you for reminding me to look up. 🙂

  10. veronica

    Thank you for your inspiring talk yesterday, it was honestly one of the easiest things we can do to LOOK UP especially in times of stress, when I feel that there really is no time for it all, I know that looking to God will help me understand that he has it all figured out and although I am stuck in my everyday overwhelming busy academic, personal., and professional life, He will always be there to provide the strength and calm that I need to get through each day.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words about the message yesterday, Veronica! So glad you resonated with the reminder to LOOK UP,especially when things seem extra chaotic.:)

  11. Mary Tullila

    I’m a three time suicide loss overcomer…that chaos is enough that I need moments to breathe .

    1. Oh Mary, I am so sorry to hear about all the heartache you’ve endured. And yes…you could definitely use a moment to breathe. 🙂 Please know that I just paused to pray for you. If you need a little extra dose of encouragement, you might want to check out the message I just gave on Sunday at Crossline Church. You can find it at Blessings to you!

  12. Karen Pearce

    So excited to learn about this book! I can’t wait to start it myself and to share with my Danville friends. We are all in the same boat and need the wisdom of other women who will help lead us to Jesus’ feet. I sure miss your teaching Donna and use so many of your illustrations as I speak to and mentor women up here. Congrats!!

    1. Karen, My heart is happy just to see your name in the comments!!! I know the women of Danville are so blessed to have you there.:) Love to you and your family!

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