Hope When Your Day Doesn’t Seem so Good

What we call “Good Friday” now, seemed anything but good on the day Christ died; it seemed hopeless, ugly and dark. Steeped in defeat, it left Christ’s followers stunned, grieved, confused and hurt.

How could something like this possibly be God’s plan?  How could such injustice be right?  Something a good God could allow?  Would allow?  Had they been wrong about Jesus?

What was the point?

Perhaps today finds you in a similar place.  Maybe something in your life seems anything but “good”.  To call your heartache, pain, suffering or confusion by any other name than “horrible” feels like a slap in the face. Your left wondering “why?”

To think that someday you would come to see your circumstance as good seems…well, it seems impossible.

But so did the resurrection. Until Christ, dead people didn’t rise.

But now they do.

Three days after the heartache, the pain and the suffering God’s best work was displayed.  We call it Easter- a celebration of resurrection.

But lest we forget, the miracle was preceded by the pain.  The hope was born out of hopelessness; the forgiveness out of debt; the reconciliation out of brokenness.

The resurrection occurred only after a period of waiting with no word from God.

When God felt distant, He was really tearing down the barriers between us and Him so we would never again be





Sweet friend, when your Friday’s don’t seem good—and neither do your Monday’s, Tuesday’s or Wednesday’s—remember Good Friday didn’t start out appearing good, either.

God will take your ugly, hurtful, confusing heartache and fashion it into something worthy of praise.  Resurrection is on its way. You will have to wait.  But be sure of this:

Sunday’s coming.

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