How Not to Lose Your Sanity When Your Life Has Lost its Balance (and Book Winner Revealed!)

I see you. You’re busy. So busy, you almost didn’t have a minute to read this post.

When life fills too full, I’ve been know to think (and occasionally say) “I can’t do it all!!”  You, too? Read on, because what I’m going to share will change your life.

Last night I drug my weary body upstairs, only to remember I had a load of clothes that needed folding, which reminded me that I’d neglected to file a service request for our broken (again) washing machine. As I sat on our laundry room floor, I watched the hands on the clock tick toward midnight. I willed myself to take a deep breath, because honestly, a little part of me wanted to cry. I was so, so, tired.

But I didn’t cry. In fact, I finished strong. All because of something I’ve been meditating on recently; something I know will help you, too.

” I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil 4:13).”

You may know this verse. You’ve probably heard it quoted oodles of times (like I have). But while writing a new Bible study, I learned something I didn’t know; something that made the truth of this scripture come to life for ME, a normal gal who sometimes feels like she just can’t. do. it. all.

“All” doesn’t refer to the whole of something done at once, but rather, each individual thing of a whole part. In other words, “all things” means doing one thing—the next thing in front of me—at a time. When I focus on just one thing—the next thing—I don’t get overwhelmed trying to do everything.

I can do all things, one thing at a time.

So as I sat on my laundry room floor, counting the minutes till midnight, I took a deep breath and remembered this one simple, soul transforming truth: I can do this thing–the one right here in front of me–through Christ, who strengthens me.

The secret to staying sane when life feels insane is this:

Don’t try to do everything right; choose to do the next right thing. Click To Tweet

Too many of us try to do everything right, but end up feeling like we’re not doing anything right. Don’t try to do all things at one time; do one thing, at all times.

No one can do it all, all at once. But we can do each individual thing Christ asks us to do, one thing at a time. When we live like this, moment by moment, allowing Christ to strengthen us a single step at a time, life suddenly seems a little less overwhelming.

We start to believe, ” I can do this”, instead of “I can’t do this”.

So, sweet friend, if you’re life has lost it’s balance, don’t lose your sanity. You can do each individual thing God asks you to do, through Christ who strengthens you.
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