How One Shift in Our Perspective Can Bring Us Peace

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you know JP and I have been out of the country for the last two weeks. What you don’t know is how one seemingly random conversation between us changed my perspective and filled me with peace. Read on for how our conversation can do the same for you…

JP and I sat in the crowded airport waiting for the flight that would take us from our vacation to our speaking engagements in Cyprus. It made sense (and let’s just be honest–sounded incredible) to add a few days in Greece before our already scheduled conferences in Paphos. Who knows if will we be in this part of the world again? we reasoned. After all, we were already in the neighborhood!

Our holiday was everything we imagined. Restful. Beautiful.  Awe-inspiriting.

But now the play was behind us and the real reason for our trip lay ahead. We joined the rest of humanity at the Athens airport.

Most people hurried by us, eager to get to the gate that would take them to their desired destination. Some, however, sat sprawled anywhere they could find–a cold plastic seat; the hard, tiled floor–making it obvious their trip had been delayed.

The chaos around JP and me stood in stark contrast to the peace we experienced in the preceding days. We felt blessed. Our plans seemed to be on track.

Until they weren’t.

A delayed flight meant we would wait, like so many others.

JP leaned over and whispered, “You know, everything God allows in our day is either to bless us, teach us, or use us.”


JP’s whispered words penetrated my heart. I haven’t been able to shake their significance for days. I hope I never do.




Everything God allows in our day is either to bless us, teach us, or use us. Click To Tweet

As I look at my circumstances through the lens of blessing, teaching, or using, I’ve become acutely aware of God’s activity. Not surprisingly, it’s given me an inner peace that comes from having a right perspective on the everyday comings and goings of my life.

A once-in-a-lifetime trip? God is blessing.

A seat next to a screaming baby, on a delayed flight, at 2 am? God is teaching.

A fellow believer who needs encouragement? God is using.

If we see our circumstances as a means for God to bless us, teach us, or use us, even insignificant events become infused with purpose. We start to see God’s presence in everything.

Our eyes become aware of the ways God blesses us.

Our minds become atune to what God wants to teach us.

Our hearts become attentive to how God wants to use us.

We become more grateful. More teachable. More purposeful.

Everything God allows into our day is meant to bless us, teach us, or use us.

This means, this very day, everything planned or unplanned, welcome or unwelcome, big or small, is meant to bless you, teach you, or open a door for God to use you.

I’d love to hear how God uses the circumstances of your day to bless you, teach you, or use you. Leave a comment, won’t you?

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    Definitely blessed by your speaking at Winning Women of Florida conference.

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