Newsflash for the Weary

“Come to me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me..and you will find rest for your souls.” Mathew 11:28-29

Have you ever noticed how the holiday season can be filled with so many “extras” that we end up spent, emotionally, physically, financially and even spiritually?  As our “to do’ list increases our sense of peace and well-being decreases.


Yesterday I took Jesus up on his offer to “come to me”.  In a week filled with mounds of “extra’s”—3 separate speaking engagements, all needing talks to be written; a book deadline looming near; a friend’s birthday celebration; a Bible study to prepare; my daughter’s Christmas party to plan—all in addition to the daily routines needed to keep a family of five clothed, fed and taken care of, I pushed the cares of the world aside, pulled out my Bible, and sat with Jesus.

The invitation of Jesus recorded in Mathew 11 is scrawled on the cover of my journal. Before I began to pray or read, I found my eyes transfixed on Christ’s words.  One phrase leapt off the page; “Learn from me”.  In a life lived with upmost significance Jesus never felt burdened by his role or responsibilities. How did he do it?  How did Jesus never feel the emotional roller-coaster of stress we often feel? This, I could learn.

As I opened my Bible and began to read Jesus’ life story, I got a glimpse into why and how Jesus lived life unburdened; He regularly spent time with the Father.

He didn’t get sidetracked by the demands of ministry. He didn’t get sidelined by the needs of people.  He didn’t get sucked into the worries of daily life. He didn’t make excuses as to why he was too busy, too important, or too distracted to connect with the Father. He just made it happen. When we come up with excuses about why we don’t spend time with God, I’m guessing Jesus would quote the familiar ad line, “Just do it.”  He’d tell me to carve time out to sit with God.

Be a Mary, not a Martha.

Be a Jesus.

It’s funny really, but only one thing sustains a weary, burdened, over-worked soul—the very thing most women put last on their “to do’ list.

But not me.

Not this year.

I’m taking Jesus up on his offer.  He’s invited all who are weary and burdened to “come to me”. Since I’m often weary and sometimes burdened, I qualify for the invitation. This Christmas I want to learn from Jesus and find rest for my soul.

How about you?

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