The One Thing that Can Change Your Day..and Maybe Even Your Life (A Devotion for Women)

Father’s day is around the corner but not everyone had a great father.  My husband didn’t.

Not because his dad was a bad person; simply because my husband’s dad died when he was only nine years old.

JP was the youngest of three children.  Their mom was left nearly penniless (he had no life insurance) and without work (she had been a stay-at-home mom). His mom didn’t even have a high school diploma or driver’s license.

The word “bleak” comes to mind as I recall their life story.   And it could have been–would have been–except for one determining factor, their mom’s attitude.

All these years later, their lives are anything but bleak, even though my sweet mother-in-law was diagnosed just days ago with a recurrence of a cancer she had removed two years back.

In fact, this morning, this was Facebook post:

It’s a beautiful morning! The Lord is everywhere making life wonderful. Have a nice day!!!

This from a woman who has every right to be bitter, depressed, angry or filled with self- pity.

Her post stopped me in my tracks.

She’s a woman with a GREAT attitude—which is what carried her through years of hardship, no doubt. I’m certain her attitude determined the course of her life–and the lives of her children.  And now, her grandchildren, too.

Over time God has made her life a thing of beauty.

People like my mother-in-law are life’s true heroes; ordinary men and women who persevere without losing faith, hope or love. Folks who live grateful rather than regretful.  If you want to be a truly great father or mother or person, attitude is key. Attitude is what releases God’s power to create beauty out of chaos.

So here’s my take away today:  What kind of attitude do I have?

Because the truth is, no matter how bad or busy or over-committed or lonely or discouraging or whatever–a day may be, my days don’t come close to the heartaches my mother-in-law has endured over the years.  And if she could persevere with a positive attitude, what’s stopping me?

What’s stopping you?

Look around you.  There is something beautiful to absorb.  If you look close, you’ll see the Lord everywhere making life wonderful.

He did it for her.  He can do it for you.

Thoughts to Ponder…

1. How’s my attitude been in the last 24 hours?

2 .Have I focused more on things I’m upset about, worried about, or angry about or things I’m grateful for?

3. How has my attitude affected my well-being? My relationships with my spouse?  Kids?  Friends? Co-workers?

4. Where do I see evidence of the Lord’s goodness in my life today?


So what about you?  What helps you keep a positive, grateful attitude?  Share your thoughts.  I would love to know!


  1. Lori

    Donna~ this is such an encouragement, not just to keep a good attitude, but to realize that because of our God’s presence, everyday is wonderful. Your mother-in-law is amazing! Keeping her in my prayers.

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