Want to Love (Anyone!) Better? Ask This.

From my heart to yours: Happy Valentine’s Day! Even if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day in a big way, there’s something about the holiday that tends to make us a little more intentional about showing love.

The best Valentine’s Days aren’t the ones where we seek to be loved, but where we seek to love. All of us–no matter what our “relationship status”–can do that.

But what if asking just one question could help you show love better? What if this same question could help you express love more purposefully every day, not just Valentine’s Day? And what if this question could be used to help improve the quality of your relationship with anyone close to you—spouse, child, teen, young adult, parent, friend.

Want to know the question?

Here it is: “What would make you feel loved?”

Sometimes all we need to do to love better is ask how.

But maybe you’re thinking this question sounds a bit too emotionally deep for your relationships. If that’s the case, reframe the question by asking, “What’s your favorite memory with me?”

The first question goes directly through the front door, while the second question sneaks in the back door. But both questions give you the same information: what can I do to make this person feel loved?

Their answer will probably surprise you.

It will definitely enlighten you.

So instead of spending time, energy, and money on stuff that may not make your people feel treasured, why not take a minute to ask one simple question? If you listen closely to the answer, you’ll be freshly equipped to love your people well, long after the Valentine’s Day candy is gone.




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