What You Have to Know about Change to Handle it Well

I still remember the shock when the car behind me slammed into mine. One minute I sat safe, paused at a stoplight, and the next moment my body thrust forward, then back, under the weight of the impact. Whiplash affected me for weeks.

That’s what the last few months have felt like for most of us—whiplash.

It seems the only thing that hasn’t changed is the certainty of change.

And herein lies the problem: We aren’t hardwired for sudden perpetual change, we are hardwired for predictability.

Even nature tells us so; the sun rises each morning and sets each evening. Seasons follow a predictable order. A child is born an infant, grows into a toddler, becomes a child, morphs into a teen, and emerges an adult. Seedlings become sprouts, which become trees.

The predictability of life–the rhythms put in place by God in creation–provides a measure of security against the chaos of inevitable change. 

The unchanging nature of nature reveals the unchanging nature of the nature-maker, God Himself.

Most of us feel shaken when circumstances change. That’s normal. But it’s also an indication that we’ve clung to something shakable as our source of security, and when that thing shakes, so do we.

In a world filled with sudden, unpredictable change, we need something, or someone, to remain constant, reliable, unmovable, unbending.

That unshakable, unchangeable, reliable, constant is God.

“I the Lord, do not change”. (Malachi 3:6a)

“Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever”. (Hebrews 13:8)

This truth is meant to provide great comfort to us–to you–in times of turmoil.

Jobs change; God doesn’t.

Relationships change; God doesn’t.

Economies change; God doesn’t.

Governments change; God doesn’t.

Families change; God doesn’t.

Bodies change; God doesn’t.

I suspect God desires to teach us many things through our current worldwide struggle. If He could bend low and whisper in our ear, I’m certain He’d tenderly tell us:

Rely on Me because I am utterly reliable.

Depend on Me because I am completely dependable.

Hold tight to Me because I am absolutely unshakeable. 

Circumstances may change, but I, the LORD, do not.

In this season of great change, may you find great comfort in knowing your God does not change, dear friend.

You are loved,


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