What You Must Do Wednesday Morning


Your “To Do” list for Tuesday probably looks a lot like mine this week.

Most of us will vote.

Never in recent history has an election been more polarizing. Although we might not all agree on politics, or policies, or who we want in positions of power, we can agree on this: No person is to hold our ultimate allegiance. That place belongs to God alone.

In preparation for whatever outcome may prevail, I’m tucking this truth into my pocket: God is on the throne.

We are a privileged people—we live in a country where we have the right to voice our opinions. Along with millions of other Americans, I will proudly wear one of those little flag stickers that declare, “I voted”. But at the end of the day, my opinion may matter less than my prayers.

Which is why what I plan to do when I wake up on Wednesday morning could be even more significant than what I plan to do on Tuesday morning.

I will pray.

I will pray for whomever wins our election. I will pray because God’s Word tells me to pray for those who govern. This is my sacred calling. It is your sacred calling, too.

The unbelieving world won’t pray, but we can.

We will.

Our vote displays our independence. Our prayers display our dependence. Both are essential. Click To Tweet

If I’m disappointed with the results, prayer will keep me from bitterness and ugliness. If I’m elated over the results, prayer will keep me humble and grateful.

Either way, as a woman who follows Jesus, my attitude should be reflective of who I really am—not primarily a Democrat or Republican or Independent—but a Christian. The Apostle Paul begged—begged—the believers in Ephesus to “live a life worthy of your calling.”

I can’t imagine a more opportune time for me to life a life worthy of my calling.

The world has enough ugliness. I don’t need to add mine.

So join me in voting on Tuesday.

Join me in praying on Wednesday.