When You Want God to Use You

Raise your hand if you want God to use you to bless others.

Your hand is raised, isn’t it? Even if only in your heart.

There’s something in each of us that longs for God to use us for good.

Why is it, then, that too many of us feel like God doesn’t use us?

It’s a fair question.

Most people are surprised to learn I’m not a very good initiator. Often, I hold back or hesitate, even when I want to help. And here’s the thing: My human hesitation hinders God from using me to bless, encourage, or help others.

I don’t think I’m the only one.

If you’ve ever felt prompted to…

  • Reach out, but held back
  • Call, but waited
  • Help, but hesitated
  • Give, but kept
  • Volunteer, but wavered

You’ve been plagued by the same struggle I have.

What stops us from initiating?

Fear and doubt.

Or maybe, better put, fear born out of doubt.

We wonder,

What will they think?

Is this what they really need?

Is this prompting from God? What if it’s just me?

Should I wait until I can do more? Or the timing is better? Or I’m less busy? Or I’m more sure of my calling, or competency, or equipping?

In the past couple of weeks God brought three different people to mind, repeatedly (hint: when someone comes to mind over and over there’s a good chance the thought is from God!).

But, instead of reaching out, I avoided. I delayed. I got distracted. I got busy.

I even bought a card for one family but promptly let it sit in my car for a week!

What if what I write on the card isn’t what they need to hear? I worried.

I’ll take care of it when I have more time and can give it the attention it needs, I rationalized.

I know it sounds crazy. (Please tell me I’m not the only one who doubts herself when all she wants to do is bless someone else.)

Finally, I heard the still small whisper of God:

Stop caring about what people think and just care for people.

Drop the mic.

I KNEW that message was from God.

Being used by God isn’t often about the big things we do, but the small ways we love.

If I care what people think I’m me-focused; if I care for people I’m other-focused.

More often than not, love is spelled Y.O.U, not M.E.

And, God ALWAYS uses people who are willing to show love. We just have to choose to do it.

So, feeling convicted (in the best sort of way), I picked up the phone and dialed person #1. I sent the card to family #2. I set a lunch date with a person #3.

Not one of these were grand gestures. Rather, they were simple ways to say, “you matter to me.”

Allowing God to use me doesn’t have to be complicated.

But, it does need to be intentional.

Whether or not my timing was right or my actions were helpful, I have no idea. I just know I did what I think God wanted.

I’m learning that’s enough.

God uses people who will be obedient no matter what the outcome. Obedience is simply saying, “yes.”

How about you? Is God prompting you to tangibly show you care for someone today? Could God possibly be tapping you with an opportunity to be used by Him?

It could be as simple as hugging a teenager (the one hiding in their room), or texting a friend, or making a meal, or helping a stranger.

Even if it feels weird, or you’re unsure, or your busy, or you feel inadequate, just do it.

Then, rest content that you said, “yes” to an invitation for God to use you. Isn’t that what we want, after all?

You are loved,


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