15 Things You Did When Were Dating that You Shouldn’t Stop When You Get Married

What if celebrating Valentine’s Day didn’t cost you a dime and could actually re-kindle the flames of romance?  What if you could re-ignite the sparks in your marriage and make them last?  It might be as easy as taking a trip down memory lane and doing what you should have never stopped.

15 Things You Did When You Were Dating that You Shouldn’t Stop When You Get Married

1. Being excited to see him.  Remember when you couldn’t wait to see him at the end of the day, on a Friday night or walking down the hallway at school?

2. Laughing as his stories, antics and jokes.  And actually thinking they were really funny.

3. Trying your best to look your best.

4. Kissing like you meant it.  Because you did.

5. Holding hands.

6. Talking about anything and everything.

7. Listening to anything and everything.

8. Fighting and getting over it, because you wanted to make it work.

9. Telling your girlfriends how great he is.

10. Overlooking the small stuff.

11. Snuggling on the couch.

12. Thinking of special ways to make him feel special.

13. Doing whatever he was game for doing, because just being with him was the point.

14. Laughing together.  Smiling at each other.

15. Thinking you were the luckiest girl alive.

Donna speaks each year to thousands of women all over the United States.  She and JP speak at marriage conferences, too.

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  1. Cassandra Coveney

    Hi Donna:
    I heart you speak this weekend at the Women’s North Coast retreat at Kona Kai and I just wanted to thank you for your ministry. There are many things you said that touched my heart and life in my current circumstances. A few of the highlights are:
    a) Women of Faith don’t often live like women of faith but rather live like women of feelings
    b) Our doing should flow from our being
    c) The truest thing about you is not your feeling, your circumstances or what others think. It is what God says and thinks about us.
    d) Your analogy of your kids in the kayak and how to cling to God v. dabble in the world
    e) When we had our alone time with God, using the question “What would God say to me today if He were sitting right here with me right now?” was super insightful
    f) I love how you and the break out speaker’s talk was so perfectly aligned. God is in control of all the details and the theme of “doing what is right” even if you don’t see or reap the benefits in this life-time was huge for me.
    g) Leaving our circle of confidence- love that in Minute to Win it you had to do that and then told us all about it. God is so in the moment!
    h) The cross illustration with the two pens. I have applied that at home visually without the pens and it has helped ever since getting my punches in the nose upon my return to the real world.
    i) Your explanation and emphasis on “bending love” in the context of humility was excellent and ver applicable to what we all go through.
    j) When we remember all the things that God has done for us (and make a list of them), it is so much easier to love others the way He views/loves them.

    I hope you don’t mind that I ask you to pray for 2 things in my life:
    1. My sister and her husband work for CRU and my husband has decided that due to his long term unemployment (at times underemployment) we can no longer support them, and another couple monthly as we have done for over 12 years. Please pray that the Lord will provide for them or that my husband’s heart would be changed.
    2. That my husband would find his purpose and direction in life. The Lord has a calling on his life and has made him to be a very unique individual but he is currently lost and floundering and trying to make sense of his circumstances while questioning God and his purpose in life. Please pray that after almost 3 years, this season would come to an end and God would give him real clarity as to what his calling is and that my husband would walk in obedience and trust rather than doubt. I bought my husband a copy of JP’s book and pray that he will read it. I left it on the coffee table and didn’t say a word. He’s browsed through it and seems interested but if I ask he likely won’t do it.

    Thank you so much for all you do. You remind me of Beth Moore in many ways and I would love to do coffee with either one of you any day. Looking forward to staying connected with you through your blog and may God continue to bless you as you touch the heart of many women.
    Thanks again,

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