Lessons Learned in a Public Shower


When Jesus heard this, he told them, “Healthy people don’t need a doctor—sick people do. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.”~ Mark 2:17

Last year I launched “25 Days of Blessings” during the month of December.  Each day, from Dec 1st through Christmas morning a Bible verse and an application was delivered to participant’s in-boxes. Most days these emails encouraged me to keep my focus on Christ and as a result, bless others.

Except one day.One really bad day.

It was the day the verse read “Blessed are the merciful”.  The application point was to show mercy to someone who was unkind. It was Saturday, Dec 13th.  I remember the date because Kylie and Tim had their cake tasting for their wedding that day.  I rushed to the gym beforehand and planned to take a (very!) quick shower before meeting the family to drive to the caterer. As I stepped out of the shower a woman rounded the corner, took one look at me and rolled her eyes.

“Are you using this shower?”

Her tone made it clear that my presence in her favorite shower stall was not appreciated. Dressed in nothing but my towel I muttered “Well…I’m finished but I’m putting on my clothes right now”. She didn’t budge.  Standing less than 24 inches away, she crossed her arms and waited for me to dress, even though all other showers were unoccupied.

Can anyone say “awkward”?

I bit my tongue, but only because I was in a rush.  In truth, everything in me wanted to move her, push her or say something to make her back off—anything but extend mercy. To make matters worse, her actions so frazzled me that I took out my frustration on my family and our drive to the cake tasting ended up stressed filled and full of angst. I finally pulled it together but not without regret.  Suffice it to say I failed the mercy-showing test that day.

And I felt crummy.  Like a loser mom, a loser person, a loser Christian.

The next morning I sat in church, singing of God’s love. I was reminded of my sin. Tears began to stream down my cheeks; not because I felt condemned but because I realized afresh how desperately I need a Savior. It was as if God whispered “yesterday you were the one in need of mercy and I am the one who tenderly gives it.” More tears fell as my heart welled up with love for Jesus.  I need Him so.

Maybe you realize you’re a sinner in need of mercy, too.  Even today, maybe you’ve yelled at your kids or said something you regret. Maybe you lied. Or gossiped. Or failed.

The way you get healthy—the way anyone gets healthy—is to first realize they are not. That, sweet friend, is why Jesus came. And it’s why Jesus is so utterly, completely wonderful.

One bad day does not have to define me.  When placed in the merciful hands of Jesus, a bad day can refine me.

Everyone of us has an area or two we could be a little more healthy. This week I started teaching my new three week  “Get Healthy” Bible study series at my home church; beginning the week of January 25th I’ll be offering the video teaching and companion Bible study FREE, right here, online.  We’re discussing:

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