When You Just Want the Pain to Go Away Already (and “Get Healthy”Registration)

Quick Quiz: How Do You Know if Something’s Not Healthy (besides food!)?

Quick Answer:

  1. You feel pain.
  2. You cause pain.

Ten days ago I threw my back out. I was three quarters of the way through my favorite class at the gym when something felt slightly out of whack. The pain fingered it’s way up my spine as a small annoyance at first but a couple of hours later…BAM! The pain knocked me flat.

JP was out of town, I had to speak the next day, and again at a conference during the weekend and twice this week. Let’s just say the timing wasn’t ideal.

But then again, pain never is.

Not physical pain. Not emotional pain. Not relational pain. Not any kind of pain.

Pain is always inconvenient.

But pain always serves a purpose.

Pain tells us something is not right. Pain tells us something about our bodies, minds, relationships or habits is just not healthy.

Pain propels us to fix problems we’ve long ignored (At least it does for those of us who are wise.)

For the past few weeks I’ve been writing and teaching a new Bible study called “Get Healthy”. Oddly, while I’ve been writing and speaking about getting healthy, I’m anything but healthy. Not physically, anyway.

But while my physical body is shambles right now, I’ve become intensely aware that emotional, spiritual and relational unhealth is WAY more painful. Sometimes these types of pain feels little more than a dull ache—the sense that “my life could be better than this”. Sometimes it’s a sense that we need to slow down and regroup. Sometimes it’s an intense kind of emotional or relational pain that knocks us flat. Sometimes it’s the stark realization that the way we’ve been acting or speaking has brought pain to those we love.

No matter how pain manifests itself—in big ways or little—this much is sure: it rarely pays to ignore pain.

My physical craving for health has created a fresh enthusiasm to help others get healthy spiritually, emotionally and relationally. The online version of the “Get Healthy” Bible study—complete with videos—will be available next week.

In these three short lessons we’ll be tackling topics like:

  • Healthy Mind=Healthy Me (or How to Stop Driving Myself Crazy with Worry, Anxiety, Doubt, Fear, or….)
  • When Distractions Become Detractions
  • How to Change Myself When I’d Really Rather Change My Circumstances

The study is easy, it’s free, it’s short and it’s good. Once you sign up, one study will be delivered to your inbox each week for three weeks and you’ll be able to do it at your leisure.  So sign up today. And tell a friend. Trust me, you’ll be so glad you did. There’s nothing quite as wonderful as being completely healthy.

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